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Dec 09, 2021

Why aren’t my Facebook Ads converting? Here are 3 possible reasons...

Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool to help turn leads into paid customers. However, despite well-targeted ads, some businesses might still find that they are falling short of their lead conversions. 

What could be causing this issue? Read on for three of the top reasons your Facebook Ads might not be converting. 

Poorly targeted campaign

Facebook ads provide you with a huge range of targeting options, and if you’re not using this correctly, it could cost you lead conversions.

Poorly targeted campaigns could mean that you are directing the wrong people to your website. For example, let’s say you are running a promotion for a range of cat food products. If your audience is targeting the wrong set of people, you could be receiving clicks from people who don’t actually own a cat, but are just interested in your branding or are interested enough to click on your ad- hence the lack of conversions. 

On the other hand, targeting too broad a range of audiences could be damaging your conversion rate, too. While it’s great to assume that a large number of people would be interested in your product or service, if your audience targeting is too broad, it could be detrimental to your click-through rates and subsequent conversions because you’re not taking into account your audience’s specific interests and behaviours.

To encourage better lead conversions, always pay attention to your audience target groups, and use Facebook’s in-depth targeting options to your advantage. Think about the characteristics of your target audience- the type of products or services they would use and their locations. 
People who you know take an interest in your brand might include:

  • Existing customers

  • People who like your Facebook page

  • People who have previously clicked on your ads or interacted with your videos

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Your ads and landing page don’t align

You might be getting the click-through rates you need from your Facebook Ads, but if your conversion rates are low, it’s likely your landing page could be playing a part.

If there’s inconsistency in the message your ad is giving compared to your landing page, it could deter potential customers from making a purchase. Make sure that your landing page provides the same message as your Facebook Ads and the images, copy and tone are consistent throughout.

Don’t forget to make sure that your ad creative and messaging align too. We’re talking about having the same, consistent and high-quality branding within your ads as you have on your site. Poorly designed ads could be costing you business!

You’re targeting people who aren’t ready to purchase

Another reason why your ads might not be converting is that you are targeting people who aren’t ready to purchase.

The purchasing process takes time, and it’s often unlikely that someone is going to make a purchase the very first time that they see your ad or hear about what your business has to offer. In order to convert leads into paying customers, you need to be targeting people who are further down the marketing funnel who are ready to purchase. These are likely to be people who have been aware of your brand for some time, have expressed an interest in your company in some form, have evaluated the reasons why they might need to purchase the product or service you are offering, and who are ready to make a purchase.

Ads that convert, therefore, should be more sales focused towards this audience to push conversions and need to entice the customer through an offer they can't scroll past. Whether that’s through a free trial, discount code or one-off offer. 

If you aren’t seeing your ads convert into sales, it’s likely to be because you’re targeting people who aren’t ready to purchase. Be sure to tailor your ads according to which part of the purchasing process your audience is in.

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