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Feb 22, 2022

Google Ads Case Study: Lazudi

The problem

Lazudi is an online real estate agency that leverages technology to provide an efficient, transparent, and digitised home buying process. They partner with experienced local property agents, supporting them with centralised marketing and technology, so they are able to focus 100% of their time and effort working with their clients to buy, lease and sell their properties. 

Lazudi came to Bigg with the goal of promoting their properties online to gain more enquiries and reach a wider, more relevant international audience.

The solution

A new type of goal-based campaign was set up called Performance Max. Performance Max campaigns are designed to utilise all of Google’s channels to find more converting customers by optimising performance in real-time.

Combining elements of Google search text ads with display, video, Gmail and discovery ads, Lazudi’s ads were featured across not only Google search, but also Youtube, Gmail, and Google Display network. This gave the ads major exposure of both the brand and individual property listings to potential property buyers on multiple platforms.

By setting up complex targeting to reach multiple ad groups, such as people actively searching for relevant keyword terms like “Thailand real estate” and “condos for sale in Bangkok” more enquiries were gained from interested buyers. 

The results

The ads were displayed to a pool of 110,000 interested property searchers. Thanks to attention-grabbing ad creativity and copy, more property buyers were directed to the website and converted into customers, generating a low cost per conversion.

The combination of an in-depth targeting strategy, exciting copy and ads with clear call-to-actions grabbed the attention of property searchers and directed them to specific listings.

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