Feb 11, 2022

Top 3 SEO Trends For 2022

Search engine optimisation trends are forever changing. Keeping up to date with them along with the best practices is integral for success when it comes to climbing search engine page results (SERPs).
Here, we’re talking about three of the top trends for SEO this year.

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1. Search intent

Google is becoming increasingly focused on not just what users are searching for, but why they are searching for information. Are they looking for tips and advice, or do they want to make a purchase? Perhaps they’re looking for a specific website?

A lot of search intent comes down to which stage a user is in the buying journey. There are several types of search intent:

  • Navigational: Users are looking for a specific website- they may search Google for key phrases related to the website they're looking for.

  • Informational: When users are looking for information, for example, 'How does SEO work?'

  • Commercial: They're looking for information on products or services to make a decision on what to buy. For example, reviews for a digital marketing agency.

  • Transactional: Users are ready to make a purchase and they already know what they want to buy. 

Optimising your website pages to answer search queries is a great way to drive more conversions. Make sure you’re taking into consideration what users would expect from each page. For example, if you’re an eCommerce business, you should look to optimise your product pages with keywords that are more commercially driven, such as ‘Buy iPhone case’. Whereas your blogs can be optimised for keyword terms related to informing your audience about your products, or topics related to what you sell, such as ‘Reasons to have an iPhone case’.

Addressing the buyer journey will be key going forward for SEO.

2. Core Web Vitals

Back in 2020, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, ranking signals that were introduced to measure things like website responsiveness and visual stability. 
These Core Web Vitals have become important for measuring the user experience, something Google now considers essential for ranking.

Google has said that from February 2022 it will begin using Page Experience as part of its desktop ranking system, based on the same signals that were rolled out for the mobile update last year. Here's a reminder of what Google takes into account when it comes to Page Experience signals:

  • Core Web Vitals
    Loading performance - How quickly your image or text blocks take to load. (The ideal time should be 2.5 seconds or less)
    Interactivity - Measures load responsiveness. (The time from when a user first interacts with a page).
    Visual Stability - How often users experience layout shifts. (For example when clicking back to pages from products)

  • Mobile-friendliness: How well your website performs on a mobile device. 

  • HTTPS: How secure your site's connection is.

  • No intrusive interstitials: How accessible the content on your pages is to the users.

For the rest of this year and beyond, it’s really important to take time to ensure that your website is thoroughly optimised for the user. From mobile responsiveness to page loading speeds, everything you do should gear towards ensuring that your users access and stay on your website.

3. Quality content

Circling back to what we said about search intent, high-quality content on your website is key to ensuring that your website provides the answers that searchers are looking for when they land on your website. Writing quality content, whether in the form of blogs, product descriptions, page titles or website copy, can help to index your pages on SERPs.

We recommend establishing a blog strategy to create content that might be of interest to your target audience, but that currently isn’t covered by your competitors. For example, if you provide the linen for hotels, you might create content that covers topics such as ‘Why high-quality linen is important for hotel guests’. 

The purpose of high-quality content is to ultimately align with users’ search queries and to provide your customers with your expertise so that your business can establish thought leadership.

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