Dec 24, 2021

Recycling your old blog content

If you’ve had your business blog for a long time it’s likely that a lot of your blog posts might be out of date, and therefore may not be adding value to your business any longer. You might not want to delete content that you've put a lot of time and effort into creating, specifically if it answers questions relating to your products or industry. So what are the steps you should take to recycle your old blog posts to ensure you're attracting new readers?

Decide which content is still useful

Before deciding on which blogs to keep and which to delete, first decide on whether your blog has value. Evergreen topics might still be relevant to your readers, but others might now be out of date and no longer useful. For example, blogs that cover old news or discuss products that you no longer stock.
Remember that blog content doesn’t just have to be in date to be beneficial to the reader. Content that was written months or even years ago may still provide value, so long as the information is up to date. Blogs can help to drive organic traffic, so it's worth looking into your inbound traffic statistics to find which blogs are performing best and which aren't.
If your content is ranking for specific keywords and has helped drive conversions or increase website traffic more recently, it’s probably a keeper. 

Improve or repurpose

Once you’ve made your decision on whether a blog post is useful, the next step is to categorise your blogs depending on what you wish to do with them.
Blogs that are still relevant might just need editing to make them up-to-date with the times, or perhaps you can add in a new paragraph discussing the new service you offer if it is related to the blog topic.

Be sure to pay attention to your grammar and to make any corrections where you can. Editing is also a great opportunity to improve any SEO relevant changes, such as new keywords, meta-descriptions, subheadings or URLs. Ask yourself whether your current posts can be updated to include news relevant topics or new information that may be relevant to your brand.

Old blog posts can negatively affect your website SEO potential if they are outdated or of poor quality. The more you can perfect your blog, the better chances there are of people reading the whole article and visiting other pages on your site.

Consider linking other blogs within your content, backing up information with new time-relevant statistics and sharing your posts on social media.

Recycle your ideas

If your blog is particularly old, poorly written or no longer relevant, why not recycle your ideas? Using the same themes or recycling a title is a great way to create new compelling content, and this time around you can be sure to perfect your grammar and use the best SEO strategies too.  

Reviewing your old blog posts is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the very best value out of each and every written piece.

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