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Jan 07, 2022

5 ways to drive leads to your automotive business with Google Ads

At Bigg, we help businesses within the automotive industry to increase their visibility to customers through proven online marketing strategies. Staying ahead of your competition in the automotive market isn’t always easy, but with a digital marketing strategy in place, you can assure that you’re doing your utmost to reach your customers online before your competitors.

Are you the owner of a car dealership looking for new ways to drive leads to your business?

Here, we’ll give you a guide on the best PPC strategies for car dealers or automotive business owners you should consider when planning your digital strategy to increase your leads.

Google advertising is the ideal strategy for targeting audiences with specific interests in specific locations. Google advertising allows you to create ads that appear on search engine results pages when your audience search for specific, relevant keywords. For example, if your audience is searching for keyword terms such as ‘New Volkswagen in Bristol’ your PPC advertisement can help to connect these customers to relevant dealerships within specific locations. 

So, how does it work?

With Google Ads, you only pay a fee to the search engine website once someone clicks on your advert. When you set up an ad, you only input keywords that you want your business to appear for when searchers type in those keywords (although you can also specify ones you don’t want to appear for). This makes reaching your audience easier and more efficient.

PPC adverts appear above organic search results, so while it is important to get your automotive business website ranking ahead of your competition, PPC advertising ensures that your business appears ahead of any organic result. We recommend using a combination of both SEO and PPC strategies to ensure that you’re getting the best results possible.

We live in an age where consumers like to research products and services they purchase online before making a decision. In fact, 55% of shoppers say that they do so to ensure they are making the right choice. Because of the costs involved in buying a vehicle, your customers are likely to spend longer searching online for information before they purchase. With a huge breadth of information on Google, it’s no wonder that consumers are researching for a longer period of time before taking the next steps in the buyer’s journey. 

Having a PPC strategy in place is a great way to get ahead of your competitors. Directing these ads to relevant landing pages on your website will ensure that your audience is accessing the information that they are searching for.

How to drive leads with paid advertising

1. Use specific, industry-relevant keywords

Conducting keyword research is a good way to ensure that you have a batch of keywords that are relevant to your automotive business. Choosing keywords that are specific to what you offer allows your ads to reach the relevant audience, and for them to find your business. Some keywords might be more expensive than others, depending on how competitive they are.

Think about the specific terms that your audience are likely to use when seeking out your services, and consider different variations of search terms that may be used. You want your ads to be able to perfectly match what the audience is looking for, so don’t forget to be specific.

You should consider also excluding keywords that are irrelevant to your business. For example, terms that have double meanings or that can be easily confused with your services. 

2. Include an irresistible CTA

One of the most difficult things about generating leads from your Google Ads is competition. Without an attractive offer or promotion, you risk falling behind your competitors.

Consider including an offer or promotion within your ad that your audience can’t help but find out more about. Don’t forget to include end dates to give a sense of urgency- for example, ‘Hurry, this offer ends 30th January!’. For your automotive business, this could be something like a limited-time discount or a free trial.

Include end dates within your promotions to create urgency and drive action

3. Use localised terms 

As many as 46% of Google searches are local. Tailoring your Google ads to appear in local searches is a great way to increase the number of leads to your business. This way, when a local searcher uses specific local search terms such as ‘Car dealerships near me’, or ‘Car dealerships in Bristol’, your business will match these terms.

Don’t forget to ensure that your local business information is up to date and accurate- including services, location, contact information and reviews. 

4. Ensure landing pages relate to the query

A landing page is where searchers will land when they click on your ad. It’s important to ensure that your landing pages relate to the specific search query so that you can increase your likelihood of gaining leads. 

Choose a landing page that matches your ad the best. For example, if your advert talks about Ford vehicles, you should be directing the audience to a landing page specific to this type of car. Likewise, always ensure that if you are promoting an offer or discount, that it can be found easily on the linked landing page.

5. Set up tracking 

Data is a great way to monitor the success of your Google ads. In order to drive leads to your automotive business, it’s important to ensure that you’re regularly learning what works and what doesn’t. Learn which ads are performing the best and seek to find out why.

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