Jan 18, 2022

4 ways to make your blogs more searchable

Optimising your blog for search engines is a great way to get your content noticed and to make your website visible to wider audiences.
Here are four of our top tips for making your content more searchable.

1. Optimise for SEO

The best strategy for improving your blog searchability is to optimise your content for search engines. There are many ways in which you can help climb the search engine rankings through your blogs.

Keyword research: When planning your blog content, ensure that your copy naturally integrates keywords to help match search terms in Google. When a search engine user looks for a topic relating to your blog using the same keywords, they are more likely to find your site. 

Long-tail keywords are three or four phrase keywords specific to what you offer. For example “blue long-sleeve organic tee-shirt’. Long-tail keywords are great for optimising for voice searches and often have lower competition making it easier to rank for these terms. If you’re creating content that matches keywords and phrases that you think your audience will be searching for, you’ll be more likely to rank higher.

Meta-descriptions: Meta descriptions are short summaries describing what your page is about. Meta descriptions appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and are designed to inform searchers whether the page matches their query. Meta descriptions are important for making sure that your blog reaches the right audience and can help to increase your website traffic.

2. Provide value to the reader 

A searchable blog is nothing without top-quality content. People like to read articles that provide them with valuable information. Here are some topic ideas for creating a searchable blog:

Answer a question - ‘Are your blog titles SEO friendly?’ ‘Do you need a blog?’ Answering well-discussed topics in your industry can help to make your blog more searchable. A lot of search engine users will search a question in the hope of getting a clear, comprehensive answer. 

Give advice - ‘Top tips on how to improve your SEO’, ‘How to create stand-out Facebook ads’. By providing advice in your blog, you are giving the reader valuable information that they can use and share with others. Advice should be evergreen, so it can be searchable and useful for years to come. 

Industry news - Writing about a well-discussed topic in your industry is a good way to appeal to search engine users. What’s more, if your topics are relevant, it gives your business a voice in the industry. Having an opinion on a well-discussed topic is a good way to drive engagement and get your readers involved in a conversation.
The more relevant your topic is to the reader, the more likely it is to be shared, earning you backlinks and ultimately, increasing the amount of traffic to your website. 

3. Link previous blog articles

When writing new blog articles, don’t forget to link your current posts to past content if it is relevant. Inbound links can help demonstrate to search engines that your page content is reliable and valid. Likewise, if other pages of your website are relevant to your new blog post, don’t forget to link them. Linking readers to other pages on your site helps to direct them to your products or services, and will also demonstrate your website authority to search engines.

External links to other, trustworthy sites are also a great way to boost the credibility of your blog post. Ensure that your blog uses trustworthy sites when linking throughout your text.

4. Regularly create relevant, evergreen content

Producing relevant and up-to-date blog content is a great way to climb the search engine rankings. Content that is continually relevant to search engine users is likely to stay valuable for a much longer length of time compared to one-off posts with information that is likely to change.

Evergreen content helps you to rank better and in turn, generate a greater amount of leads because traffic is likely to increase if the information is regularly updated and accurate. While you are updating old blog information, consider removing any outdated content or information that no longer has relevance.

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